Welcome to my site
My name is Carlos, and I´m a wedding photographer with more than ten years experience.

I´ve covered over three hundred weddings and events in Spain, the USA, Mexico, France, Italy and the UK.

I was born in North East Spain, and from the age of twelve I began going to the mountains and hiking between woods with my father´s old reflex camera! It is hard for me to remember a single day without photography.

I´ve lived in Spain, Ireland and the USA and have worked with couples from more than 10 different countries.

I have a special love for outdoor weddings. From a beautiful “cowboy wedding” in the south of Spain to an amazing Santa Cruz redwoods one. I love meeting new people and being part of different projects and traditions.

As a wedding photographer I would define my style as very candid and relaxed. I love simplicity and spontaneous photography which captures real and unique moments. I´m a very technical photographer and am an expert with working in all sorts of lighting situations.

Please ´get in touch with me´ for more information!