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My name is Carlos, the original ‘LightHouse Keeper’. 

I’m a passionate and enthusiastic photographer with over fifteen years of experience. I’ve personally covered over five hundred weddings across different countries and continents, and have loved all of them. 

Some time ago, I decided to grow my business, and created a company where several photographers with the same style could work together and The LightHouse was born!

This enabled us to give availability, beautiful photography, and most importantly provide our clients with the best possible experience. Welcome to The LightHouse Wedding Photography!


Now… let´s talk about the team…

Our Photographers

Different photographers. One style.

Every couple is different and has different needs and budgets when looking for a wedding photographer. 

At The LightHouse Wedding Photography, we are really proud of having gathered a great group of talented photographers, who share a natural, candid, and beautiful in-house style. 

Clients can choose between three different levels of photographers based on their experience: Master, Pro or Rookie.

A Master photographer is an experienced and highly skilled professional who has covered more than 150 weddings.

He/she will take the best photographs even in imperfect conditions, and most of these photographers have international experience and several awards.

These are true world-class wedding photographers, who should be first choice if budget isn’t a concern. 

A Pro photographer is a professional who has covered more than 50 weddings.

Our pro-photographers, without a doubt, are better than most you could find. With more than enough experience to cover a wedding and have awesome results.

A great choice.

A Rookie photographer is a new-born in this business who has covered between 10 and 50 weddings.

Our associated rookie photographers are the best among the beginners. We have carefully selected a few of the rough diamonds who will be great photographers soon. 

A good choice if you want to save money but also want the best option for your budget.